Poetry can be generated via most media and texting is no exception. In this pop up poetry experiment Hebden residents and visitors were asked to form four or five line poems. Each contribution was made after only seeing the previous two words of the poem.

This is a version of a technique popularised by the surrealist poetry movement of André Breton and associates who called it the ‘exquisite corpse’ (After those two words appeared in one of their experiments). The technique reveals what has been called the ‘unconscious reality in the personality of the group’. What (if anything) my experiments say about our local population I will leave for you to decide. But I think you will agree that the texperiments are both surprising and poetic.

Texperiment 1.

Fish lightly
battered please.
With relish
the gentleman
gestures onward.

(Contributors – Sara, Alastair Sinclair / Lisa Bond, NHC, PW, Creedy)

Texperiment 2.

In waiting,
shadows lengthen.
Bending lines
turn slowly
into jam.

(Contributors – RWT, DWF, Alastair Sinclair / Lisa Bond, Sara, JG)

Texperiment 3.

Broken branches
falling slowly
feather flight –
Icarus falls
Daedalus cries.

(Contributors – Tess, NHC, Bernard Otter,  EW, Alastair Sinclair / Lisa Bond)

Texperiment 4.

With condiments
boldly navigate.
Beyond infinity
lies nothing
but future.

(Contributors – Mrs Mill, Sara, NHC, RWT, Bernard Otter)

Texperiment 5.

Tendrils of
faded romance
gossamer ghostly
with love.

(Contributors – DWF, Tess, Creedy, Sara)

Texperiment 6.

Apparently someone
said “Nothing solid,
nothing gained.”

(Contributors – Creedy, Tess, Maynard Flip Flap)

Texperiment 7.

The tingling
came home
to see
everything spirals
everything stops

(Contributors – DWF, RWT, Anon, Creedy)

Texperiment 8.

Charlotte fell –
Hopelessly, deeply
paddling madly
bubbling badly
On’t fire

(Contributors – DWF, Sara, NHC, Bernard Otter, Creedy)