11am-5pm – 11-22 June (Wed-Sun) 23 June-9 July (daily)
The David Wright Gallery, ArtsMill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge HX7 7DP

The journals, sketches and paintings of Cyril Mount (1920-2013) and paintings and poems by Madhuri Z K Ewing. Curated by Alison Darnborough. In 1978, Cyril Mount set off for the ashram of Osho in Poona, India. This exhibition tells the story of that journey. It’s the first time the work has been shown in public. Complementing the exhibition will be the paintings and the Poona Poems of Madhuri Z K Ewing. California-born Madhuri travelled to India in the 70s, living at ashrams in Poona and Oregon. It is likely that Cyril and Madhuri were in Poona at the same time. This touring exhibition will travel to London, Brighton and, finally, to Poona.