1-5pm – Sunday 2 July
Centre of town

Look out for the Gurgle-Splosher! A playful interactive sound sculpture model of the water cycle. Water has left an indelible impression on the Calder Valley, and the Gurgle-Splosher is an engaging community-powered contraption that takes us on an interactive jourtney through the water cycle. From the ‘cloud’ reservoir at the top, water flows through several routes to the ‘sea’ reservoir at the bottom, as determined by the actions of the visitors, turning taps, pulling levers and blowing into bubble hoses. On its way through the system, many watery sounds are created and amplified: gentle rain, splattering downpour, bubbling tubs, trickles, gushes, drips and, of course, gurgles and sploshes. The Gurgle-Splosher was built by Stephen Summers (Noisy Toys) as Mytholmroyd’s contribution to Landlines and Watermarks. For more information, visit landlinesandewatermarks.org.