What was it like growing up here?

What is the story you could tell?

What does it mean to be young?

What does it mean to be Hebden?

Disparate Youth is the first funded project, brought to you from The Nova Collective, a collective of young artists based in Hebden Bridge. DY will be exploding Hebden Bridge’s vibrant youth culture, its past, present and future as a piece of immersive installation. We are currently calling for submissions for entry. 


You may have an existing piece (Photographs/paintings/writing) Or, an idea for how you would like to contribute, with a clear outlay of an idea. We are open to ALL forms, sculpture, photography, paintings, writing, performance pieces, digital art and music. Its objective and connection to what it means growing up in Hebden Bridge today is our only stipulation.

To submit, please email novacollective@outlook.com with either a description of your contribution (ideally not exhibited previously) or, a clear description of what you would like to make (200 words max).

Deadline for artists: December 31st.


We are also looking for those that would be interested in collecting research. Please send a short statement as to why you would be suitable for a researchers position and what you could bring to the role. We are looking for genuine insight into lived experiences, and current experiences. If you love talking to people, finding out stories, then this could be the role for you.

If you are interested in getting involved as a performer please send an email. Once we have collected research we will be looking for some performers to enhance the stories.

Deadline for expression of interest: 24th November

If you are not an artist, but are still interested in being involved and gaining experience, also get in touch! We are supporting new artists with mentorship, so you could potentially gain experience as an assistant, or shadowing another artists work, our doors are open for those that are interested, so please, start a conversation.

If you are a independent, or local business interested in supporting the project, whether that is donating materials or contributing financially please email us at novacollective@outlook.com The more support we have, the more artists we can include in our project. It would be fantastic to get support from those in the local community.