Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and Hebden Bridge Community Association would like to invite you to meet a new visitor to the courtyard in Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Please join us for a glass of wine and a first viewing on Monday 12th February at 6pm at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Felicity Jones is an artist blacksmith and structural fabricator from London.

Her contemporary approach to Blacksmithing has lead her to create a range of work, from functional domestic pieces to large scale mechanical sculpture in the public realm.

“I love the fact you can manipulate metals into almost any form while they keep their strength. Through a hands-on, physical process you develop an intimate relationship with the piece you’re working on”.

Felicity creates organic, flowing forms that intersect with an element of danger, taking inspiration from insects, plants, symmetry in nature and man-made artefacts such as vehicle parts and machinery.

Mechanical Heart

This sculpture represents the collective heart, fusing organic shapes based on an anatomical heart with a man made, mechanical aesthetic of riveted steel plate and machine.

The heart beats and pulses with light and sound, its own life force.

Artery’s and veins flow outward from the central heart, they grow from and into the earth nourishing the heart.

This immersive piece reminds us to always listen to our hearts, our baseline, no matter what’s going on in this crazy world, there’s one rhythm connecting us all.

RSVP  to miriam@hbaf.co.uk