Following months of collaboration, investigation and hard work, we are looking forward to seeing the work of the Nova Collective’s Disparate Youth Project supported by Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and Hebden Royd Town Council.

Disparate Youth is an immersive installation brought to you by The Nova Collective, a network of young vibrant artists in Hebden Bridge. Kate Radford from Nova told us “We are exploding what it means to grow up in the area. How does this affect our emotional and physical landscape, how has its shaped and shaked us. 

Expect interactive art, cross disciplinary digital and performance art, graffiti and nostalgia by the bucket load. 

The Nova Collective ( is organised by, and for young people. We curate and produce events, network and support each other and provide creative careers for young people in the area. 

Borrow our eyes, lend us an ear. Eat your ‘Art out” 

The installation will take place at Northlight Art Studios on Saturday 24th February from 11 – 4pm.