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Chain Poem

Chain Poem Thumbnail

Last Sunday Winston was busy in the Marina area of town where he was collecting words from people at the festival and chalking a ‘chain poem’ on the flagstones. Each word was offered by word association [...]

Type Cast

Type Cast Thumbnail

Following the launch of this years Arts Festival and the exhibition of photographs from last year some visitors to the Town Hall may have noticed an antique typewriter on a table in the foyer. Some of [...]

Winston, our Pop Up Poet

This year Winston Plowes will once again be adding his words to the colourful mix that is Hebden Bridge Arts Festival as our Festival Pop Up Poet. To extend the life of the festival beyond our [...]

Soundtrack of a Festival?

For those of you who enjoyed your 5 minutes with Mr Beaumont when he rolled into town on the 4th July, here's Hebden Bridge's 17 favorite pieces of music! There's a few details missing so if [...]

Pop Up #7 – Guest reading

Saturday was a busy day for a Pop Up Poet with two Pop Ups. In his capacity as festival poet Winston introduced the HBAF Fringe performance of Emma Decent’s wonderful solo show, my heart is a [...]

Pop Up #6 – Matisse

For his next pop up project our festival poet worked with children at the exhibition of Matisse prints at The ArtsMill Gallery, Linden Mill. A cut and paste of elements of Matisse’s Blue Nude IV was [...]

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