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Pop Up #3 – Talking Heads

Our festival Pop Up Poet has been visiting Hebden Bridge businesses affected by the floods. Shop owners and workers were asked to think of three words to describe how they felt when the floods came. The [...]

Guest Blog 2 Don Myers and Open Studios

No one knows exactly how many visual artists are living and working in Hebden Bridge, but it’s probably more than you think - in the hundreds, definitely. You can begin to get an idea of just [...]

The Hebden Bridge Texperiments

Poetry can be generated via most media and texting is no exception. In this pop up poetry experiment Hebden residents and visitors were asked to form four or five line poems. Each contribution was made after [...]

Pop Up #1 – Found in Hebden

A photo collage of found letter shapes Without letters we wouldn’t have words. I am trying here to encourage people to view letters differently. After all letters are just shapes we have added a meaning to. [...]

Pop Up Poet

Local Poet Winston Plowes will be ‘Popping Up’ at events and locations throughout the 2012 festival. His project, Found in Hebden will involve a range of experiments in found poetry. Harvesting words form the people of [...]

Guest blog post on Paul Floyd Blake

by Susan Burns I’m delighted to be invited to guest blog for Hebden Bridge Arts Festival. I’ll begin by saying up front that I’m only going to blog about things I like. Leave the ranting and [...]

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