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Jude Wadley – Weaving the Strands of People and Creativity Together.

I’ve arranged to catch up with Jude Wadley, one of our festival artists, in the White Lion, once described by local writer John Morrison as a dank, dark place where sad separating couples go to discuss [...]

The Red Wheelbarrow

Yesterday Winston popped up on Hebden Bridge Railway Station and at the festival office with his mobile tribute to 20th Century American Poet William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) and his poem "The Red Wheelbarrow". Written in the [...]

Pop Up #4 – Slam Cento

On Sunday poet and comedian Kate Fox hosted Hebden’s and the world’s first ever ‘Organic micro poetry slam’ at The Stubbins Wharf. Our festival Pop Up Poet has taken complete lines from some of those who [...]

An evening with Julie Felix and other spirits by Rebecca Yorke

Like many things Arts Festival-related, it started in Squeeze. My friend and colleague Di Smith and I were having our weekly coffee at our table in the window. It was the spring of 2011, before Di [...]

Pop Up #3 – Talking Heads

Our festival Pop Up Poet has been visiting Hebden Bridge businesses affected by the floods. Shop owners and workers were asked to think of three words to describe how they felt when the floods came. The [...]

Guest Blog 2 Don Myers and Open Studios

No one knows exactly how many visual artists are living and working in Hebden Bridge, but it’s probably more than you think - in the hundreds, definitely. You can begin to get an idea of just [...]

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