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Hebden’s Bridges

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Throughout the Festival

Poet and narrowboater Winston Plowes has reimagined the town’s network of watery veins for a stylised tube map. Along with the Hebden’s Bridges postcard is a beautiful little origami poetry book, produced in conjunction with the Origami Poetry Project.

Postcard and a micro origami chapbook – £3 from the Town Hall. You can see lots of origami poetry here too.


How to fold your origami book…

Fold book lengthwise, print side facing you.
Open book and fold in half, widthwise.
Print side up, fold in each of the 2 longer ends.
Sheet displays 8 pages.
Refold book widthwise, title page facing you and cut top of title page.
Open book and fold into origami micro-chapbook.
Or follow these step-by-step pictures

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