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Quirky and distinctive, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival is an annual celebration of our town’s creativity and unique landscape. We pride ourselves in bringing together locals and visitors alike to enjoy a feast of creativity in magical places and spaces. Now in its 24th year, it’s one of Yorkshire’s longest running arts festivals with a reputation for delivering big names in a local setting.

Recent festival highlights have included: John Cooper Clarke, Tracey Thorn, Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, Andrew Weatherall, Carol Ann Duffy, Jacqueline Wilson, Martin Parr, Val McDiarmid, June Tabor…

It’s also a festival of experiences for you and your families to enjoy. So whether you’re a festival first timer or a regular, there’s something for everyone. Sit back, take part, join in…

In the words of Ian McMillan…

Town with a tissue that’s quite unique;
Town where history’s strata show
Alternative visions cheek to cheek,
Different plants allowed to grow.
In a world where towns are pallid clones
Hebden Bridge stands out a mile,
As the sun lights up West Yorkshire stones
And the sky is as bright as a smile;
You walk through the street and the voices rise
Like steam from a coffee emporium
And very quickly you realise
The whole town’s an auditorium!
Hebden Bridge is theatre, so let’s all clap
The wizard’s cloak behind the new flat cap!
Ian McMillan

Exhibition space at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

The Town Hall exhibition space is managed in collaboration with Hebden Bridge Town Hall.  It is hired out at £25/day or at a commission rate of 25% for professional artists.  The current opening hours are Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5pm.

If you are interested in exhibiting we request that you send your biography, including your past exhibitions and electronic images of your work to helen@hbaf.co.uk for consideration.


Board of trustees
Richard Green (Chair)
Susan Burns (Vice Chair)
Diane Fare
Paul Clarke
Miriam O’Keeffe
Jill Iredale
Catherine Long

Festival Director
Helen Meller

Programming Team
Helen Meller
Mal Campbell
Billie Klinger
Mike Hancock
Jill Iredale

Print Bureau Hebden Bridge

Kate Kershaw

Paul Clarke

Cafe Culture Co-ordinator
Lisa Graham

Who lived in Your House in 1916 Co-ordinator
Kate Rogers

Stuart Robinson, Megan Blunn & Mike Dumbreck – Print Bureau, Hebden Bridge

Craig Shaw

For general enquiries: contactus@hbaf.co.uk
For media enquiries contact Kate Kershaw
To find out more about getting involved in the festival please email hbafvols@gmail.com

t: 01422 417373

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